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Goddammit, I just remembered why I stick to Livejournal for fandom discussion.

"Hank had sex with the same slut his father had sex with 17 years ago." [paraphrased]

Nicki has had sex with two guys that we've seen. TWO. But she was the one who came onto them, so I guess that makes her a slut. Was seducing Hank creepy and bad? Yes. She knows he's the son of the guy she's been obsessing over for god knows how long. And as far as she knows, he's under the age of consent. But being a "slut" doesn't have to enter into it at all. I mean, hell, Brock's only had sex with about 500 different women, but that's awesome and manly. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch slept with both the Monarch and Phantom Limb, but she's been approved by the "community" that quote came from, so she doesn't get called a slut.

Oh, and the first time Nicki had sex, she was fifteen and Rusty was in his thirties. So even being statutory raped can now qualify you for sluthood, apparently. There was "fist-pumping" for Hank when he had sex with an older woman, but she did the exact same thing 17 years before and that's just wrong.

Like... ugh. She was a fifteen year old with an unhealthy crush on an unhealthy guy, and she convinced herself that she was in real grownup love with him, and they both made a big mistake. And now she probably sees a way back into his life again and is going to take it, because the intervening seventeen years of obsessing over him and pretending her son with him is her brother have probably not improved her mental state any.

Also, her mother is a bad person for blackmailing Rusty. What the fuck was she supposed to do? Her fifteen year old daughter was pregnant by a extremely famous, rich thirtysomething guy, and neither of them realize how bad this is. Having Rusty stay around to "do the right thing" would be massively unhealthy for everyone involved. Financial support was the only thing he would have been helpful for.

That kind of fell apart at the end. I'll probably edit it a little once I feel more coherent, but I had to get that out.


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