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I just found out Tigerseye and Fisheye's seiyuu were in Hare+Guu as Asio and Seiichi, lol. And Gummario the lemures was Wiggle. But Hawkseye was too busy being Piccolo, apparently, so we missed out on a real reunion.
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Excel Saga was pretty good, though overall I think I prefer the manga. Also, the last episode, entitled "Going Too Far"... yeah, that went a little too far. I remember a review on like Netflix, though, that was like, "I was enjoying watching this series with my husband and young daughter until the last episode when it turned R-rated, how dare you!" I mean, it was definitely a sharp jump up in explicit content, but, lady, did you miss the guy introduced halfway through the series who was explicitly identified as a pedophile? And the scene in every subsequent episode reemphasizing that fact? It was pretty obviously not for kids.

(Also, holy crap, Ilpalazzo's seiyuu is also Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. And Excel is Birdy, Sailor Moon, Misato Katsuragi... dang.)
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Hare+Guu turned out to be Animated Gif: The Anime, so I'm pretty much occupied for the next week or so.

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I am ~down the shore~ this week with the family. I miss my cats, esp. my codependent recluse one, but they've been a little annoying with regards to some flowers I got and was keeping in my room. They're convinced any plants that belong to me are the most delicious thing ever, and when Fat Recluse Cat was alone in the room for five minutes I came back to him vomiting plantlife onto the floor. We've got a replacement vacation cat, anyway. She didn't come with the rental house per se, but she stops by in the morning and evening to meow and be fed, and she's pretty social. I think she's probably got fairly mercenary purposes in mind, but what cat doesn't. (Besides my poor traumatized recluse and his pure, stupid love.) (And our other stupid cat.)

Let's see... I got a new iPod, with more room on it than is actually left on my computer for music, but I thought that was more eco-sensitive in case I get a bigger hard drive in the future, so I won't have to upgrade a third time.

I also saw Inception, which I guess held my attention while I was watching it, but really wasn't all that engaging otherwise. It was fairly straightforward narrative-wise, while I was expecting, like, serious mindfuckery from what my friends (seeing it for the second time) were saying. The characters seemed pretty...flat, I guess. And the whole thing of "what if this is a dream right now, man?!" wasn't anything new, either. That's fairly basic philosophical stuff, right? I mean, Confucius had that thing about dreaming he was a butterfly who dreamed he was a man, or some such, and that was just ages ago. And the "moral", so to speak: REALITY IS BETTER THAN FANTASY, guys. Thanks for that revolutionary concept. The idea of dream theft/~inception~  was interesting, but in the end, that was the only thing of substance.

Also, a very minor thing, but naming Ellen Page's character Ariadne, of all things, just felt so unbearably precious. She is hired to make labyrinths, you see, and in the end it is she whose role it is to lead Leonardo DiCaprio out of the labyrinth ~of his mind~. Perhaps the cultured among you may catch a sly reference there, eh?? Speaking as a Greek nerd: that's the furthest you were willing to dig for symbolism, really? In America, at least, and I think in much of the Western world, if any mythology can be said to be entry-level, Greek is it. And Theseus and Ariadne is the entry-levelest of entry-level, for heaven's sake. It just felt lazy and pseudo-clever.

The narrative wasn't very confusing, really. But really, I watched Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse, and the various Evangelion stuff, so maybe I'm just desensitized. Honestly, though, I usually am the type of person who likes things more or less spelled out, so...IDK.

Well, I'm up a little too late. I guess I had more to say than I thought. Probably nothing too groundbreaking (MUCH LIKE INCEPTION), but what are you gonna do.
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms update: Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are totally jellin' now that Zhuge Liang has showed up.

FAKE EDIT: LMAO I WAS JOKING but then Liu Bei asks them for help and they literally go "Why don't you ask your boyfriend?" Only one of you is supposed to be a petulant bearded child, guys.

Okay, good, peace has been established.

(But hahaha that reunion episode where Liu Bei is reuniting with his wife and Zhang Fei, like, pushes her away so he can sob hysterically all over him.)
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More BIG Giant Robo spoilers under the cut.

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Then I started to read the manga, Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Burned. It's in a different continuity, but even so, it's really different from what I was expecting. The Experts of Justice are kind of... well, jerks. What happened to you, Taisou?? You're s'posed to be Daisaku's daddy figure, not trying to kill him! But Chujo's evil grin makes me lol.

I assume Ogin-chan is meant to be Ginrei, in which god, what did the manga-ka do to her character?! She's not some ditzy girl who kills people! And maybe her dress in the OVA is a bit short, but she's NOT there for fanservice. Ugh, panty-shots. How I haven't missed you. And HELLO surprise clothes-destroying beam. Wasn't expecting actual nipples in this manga. True to the spirit of the OVA my ass. But you know, she might not be Ginrei, as semi-obvious from the beginning, but spoilers nonetheless ) But she does seem to have some kind of thing with Murasame, so who knows.

Basically: grinding less fun, miss bug frag battles and style changes, but like having maps. Hate time limits. Voice acting in DS version bad. Like "Blues" more than "Protoman". Laika's name is Raika in English, that's wrong because I always thought his country, Sharo, was supposed to be a Russia analogue. (In Japanese, Russia=Rosha.) Nenji's name is Fyrefox. "Thank you for your assistance, kindly web browser!" Grinding in Colonel version before final boss battle. The Traumatic Bugged-in-DS-Version point is fast approaching in Protoman/Blues version, but it shouldn't be too bad this time.

Oh and another Golden Line: Dr. Regal: "There's no firewall protecting the human soul! It's full of security holes!"
That is Zybourne Clock levels of writing, there.

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I just finished Giant Robo. The fight scenes are fantastic, and I definitely teared up a bit at the end.
Spoilers )
Oh god the gayest scene ever between Chujo and Go. I'm pretty sure now that they're seriously involved, cause ain't no other reason to have your arm around him like that, Chujo.

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So I'm watching Gankutsuou, which is basically The Count of Monte Cristo with space vampires and cyborgs and whatnot.

Franz is being ridiculously obvious about his FORBIDDEN SECRET LOVE, but no one seems to have noticed. Maximilien especially should have picked up on something, but I guess he was just too busy with his own little entanglement. And I think the Count just ate a baby.
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I've got Kyou Kara Maoh lined up in my Netflix queue. So far I've seen the first five episodes, and it seems pretty good. It hasn't really grabbed me yet, but hopefully I'll be able to get more into it once I can watch the episodes I have at home. Unfortunately, I have to find a time when my little brother won't come in and watch it with me, and my mom won't come in, watch it for three minutes, and then ask if we can watch something that someone over the age of 7 would be interested in.
...Which pretty much narrows it down to the middle of the night. Ugh.


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