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The problem with Naoki Urasawa's works is you can't stop reading them. I just plowed through 20th Century Boys and 21st Century Boys in under 24 hours's just like, whoa. This man is amazing.
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More BIG Giant Robo spoilers under the cut.

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Then I started to read the manga, Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Burned. It's in a different continuity, but even so, it's really different from what I was expecting. The Experts of Justice are kind of... well, jerks. What happened to you, Taisou?? You're s'posed to be Daisaku's daddy figure, not trying to kill him! But Chujo's evil grin makes me lol.

I assume Ogin-chan is meant to be Ginrei, in which god, what did the manga-ka do to her character?! She's not some ditzy girl who kills people! And maybe her dress in the OVA is a bit short, but she's NOT there for fanservice. Ugh, panty-shots. How I haven't missed you. And HELLO surprise clothes-destroying beam. Wasn't expecting actual nipples in this manga. True to the spirit of the OVA my ass. But you know, she might not be Ginrei, as semi-obvious from the beginning, but spoilers nonetheless ) But she does seem to have some kind of thing with Murasame, so who knows.

Basically: grinding less fun, miss bug frag battles and style changes, but like having maps. Hate time limits. Voice acting in DS version bad. Like "Blues" more than "Protoman". Laika's name is Raika in English, that's wrong because I always thought his country, Sharo, was supposed to be a Russia analogue. (In Japanese, Russia=Rosha.) Nenji's name is Fyrefox. "Thank you for your assistance, kindly web browser!" Grinding in Colonel version before final boss battle. The Traumatic Bugged-in-DS-Version point is fast approaching in Protoman/Blues version, but it shouldn't be too bad this time.

Oh and another Golden Line: Dr. Regal: "There's no firewall protecting the human soul! It's full of security holes!"
That is Zybourne Clock levels of writing, there.

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Oh, Stats did not go well. I hate it when you study everything you're not sure about and then none of that is on the test, and the things you were pretty sure about turn out to be the things you don't know. Thank God for the free response, but I'm still looking at a B- if I'm lucky. I think I aced my Latin exam, though.
So I've been making Kare Kano icons to cheer myself up, but that just reminded me how bad Yukino would kick my ass on midterms. And everything else, for that matter.
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Midterms are eating me, but I hereby vow that after they are over, I will get a job. From there, I will begin earning the money for:
  • My very own copies of Age of Bronze
  • The final volumes of Kare Kano
  • Checking out Special A and Wild Ones, which look to be my kind of thing
Now that I've posted it here, I have to do it. And with that, back to AP Stats.


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