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I am ~down the shore~ this week with the family. I miss my cats, esp. my codependent recluse one, but they've been a little annoying with regards to some flowers I got and was keeping in my room. They're convinced any plants that belong to me are the most delicious thing ever, and when Fat Recluse Cat was alone in the room for five minutes I came back to him vomiting plantlife onto the floor. We've got a replacement vacation cat, anyway. She didn't come with the rental house per se, but she stops by in the morning and evening to meow and be fed, and she's pretty social. I think she's probably got fairly mercenary purposes in mind, but what cat doesn't. (Besides my poor traumatized recluse and his pure, stupid love.) (And our other stupid cat.)

Let's see... I got a new iPod, with more room on it than is actually left on my computer for music, but I thought that was more eco-sensitive in case I get a bigger hard drive in the future, so I won't have to upgrade a third time.

I also saw Inception, which I guess held my attention while I was watching it, but really wasn't all that engaging otherwise. It was fairly straightforward narrative-wise, while I was expecting, like, serious mindfuckery from what my friends (seeing it for the second time) were saying. The characters seemed pretty...flat, I guess. And the whole thing of "what if this is a dream right now, man?!" wasn't anything new, either. That's fairly basic philosophical stuff, right? I mean, Confucius had that thing about dreaming he was a butterfly who dreamed he was a man, or some such, and that was just ages ago. And the "moral", so to speak: REALITY IS BETTER THAN FANTASY, guys. Thanks for that revolutionary concept. The idea of dream theft/~inception~  was interesting, but in the end, that was the only thing of substance.

Also, a very minor thing, but naming Ellen Page's character Ariadne, of all things, just felt so unbearably precious. She is hired to make labyrinths, you see, and in the end it is she whose role it is to lead Leonardo DiCaprio out of the labyrinth ~of his mind~. Perhaps the cultured among you may catch a sly reference there, eh?? Speaking as a Greek nerd: that's the furthest you were willing to dig for symbolism, really? In America, at least, and I think in much of the Western world, if any mythology can be said to be entry-level, Greek is it. And Theseus and Ariadne is the entry-levelest of entry-level, for heaven's sake. It just felt lazy and pseudo-clever.

The narrative wasn't very confusing, really. But really, I watched Utena: Adolescence Apocalypse, and the various Evangelion stuff, so maybe I'm just desensitized. Honestly, though, I usually am the type of person who likes things more or less spelled out, so...IDK.

Well, I'm up a little too late. I guess I had more to say than I thought. Probably nothing too groundbreaking (MUCH LIKE INCEPTION), but what are you gonna do.
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Well, I sure blew this break. Did nothing but watch anime and play Pokemon Platinum. I did read Richard III, which sort of goes under improving the mind, but I've really gotta do some homework. Fortunately I have less reading than I thought I did.

Oh, and I hear (a little late) that Capcom is remaking the first Rockman/Megaman Battle Network game for the DS! I've wanted to play it, but I was afraid the gameplay might be kind of aggravating, given that they presumably improved for the later ones in the series. This soothes the pain of the GAME-BREAKING BUG in the DS version of number 5. The first one has Masa-san in it~

Well, I'm still a little angry. Did no one check that shit before sending it out?

EDIT: N/M, I tried it again it in a fit of shounen spirit and I think I found a trick to pressing the buttons!

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Spent the weekend at home; we had some friends over for movie night and watched Wages of Fear. I wasn't able to finish it because it got a little too intense for me, but I made it about an hour in. Then last Tuesday the Intro to Film movie was Citizen Kane, which I cried at. Again. I've really gotta toughen up or something. (But, like, it's a good movie, so it's supposed to move you, right?) Oh well, Kurita cries easily too, so that makes me not feel so bad about it.

I might ask for a new iPod for Christmas or something. I feel bad about that, because I feel pretty strongly about conspicuous consumption, but two years is pretty good, I guess, when lots of people get a new one every year or so. I really am running out of room on it, but then again, it's not like I need need to have all my music synced at once. On the other hand, the holidays are a good time to get things, and I may not have another chance soon if I change my mind. And I can definitely give my current to one of my parents, since it'll hold all their music. Sigh. #firstworldproblems, I guess.

EDIT: I feel like I should do more fandom-related stuff here, so I guess I'll post some more Amazon Trio stuff tomorrow. The tag for them is so big in the tag cloud that I feel like I come off a bit... I don't know, obsessed, but I've loved them since I was twelve or so, so I feel like they've sort of done a lot for me just in terms of making me happy. Plus, I am sort of proud that I taught myself how to make animated gifs.
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Two AP tests down, one to go. I think I did pretty well on Stats and English Lit.
And we have a new computer, with most of the files from the old hard drive recovered! I lost my bookmarks, but that's not a huge deal.
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Oh, Stats did not go well. I hate it when you study everything you're not sure about and then none of that is on the test, and the things you were pretty sure about turn out to be the things you don't know. Thank God for the free response, but I'm still looking at a B- if I'm lucky. I think I aced my Latin exam, though.
So I've been making Kare Kano icons to cheer myself up, but that just reminded me how bad Yukino would kick my ass on midterms. And everything else, for that matter.
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Passed my driving test!
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Took my driving test yesterday and failed. I need to work on my parallel parking, apparently. At least I didn't have to drive there, because we would have gotten even more lost than we did. Afterwards Mom was like, "Are you upset?"  But I'm not really too torn up.
Also, some crazy thing happened and it turns out I never got the summer assignment for English class. I have to either email the teacher or talk to him where the entire class can hear me, and I can't get his email because the school's website keeps crashing my Internet. Argh.
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I've got Kyou Kara Maoh lined up in my Netflix queue. So far I've seen the first five episodes, and it seems pretty good. It hasn't really grabbed me yet, but hopefully I'll be able to get more into it once I can watch the episodes I have at home. Unfortunately, I have to find a time when my little brother won't come in and watch it with me, and my mom won't come in, watch it for three minutes, and then ask if we can watch something that someone over the age of 7 would be interested in.
...Which pretty much narrows it down to the middle of the night. Ugh.


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