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I saw a praying mantis today! It looked at my cat with its little eyes. :3 It was right next to the door when I went outside. It was pretty awesome. I've never actually seen one in person before. When you look at it from kind of behind and underneath, you can still see the little black dot in their eyes, so it really looks like it can see you from all sides. Of course it's not the dot that does it (I think?), but like with a fly there's nothing that looks like a pupil, so it's not quite the same.

I finally downloaded a couple of Miku songs I like. Her voice sounds kind of robotic, but it turns out it sounds better with creepy songs. So I like Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Corpses, and then I finally sucked it up and downloaded her version of Kutabare PTA!  ...I still like Luka better, though. :<

Also: oh my god Fire Bomber is amazing. They formed an actual band to do the music for Macross 7, and Fukuyama Yoshiki is such a good singer. Too bad the actual anime kind of sucked.  But that voooiiice. Well, I'm glad I watched the show just because the music is so good. Anyway, the Macross series is important if you want to be a ~serious anime fan~. 7 is supposed to be the black sheep, so the rest is on my to-watch list. (Maybe not Frontier, though; might be a little too moe moe for my taste.)


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